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Spirit of Salam - Student Volunteer


Although the Greenhouse Student Center is now closed, we hope to have the opportunity in the near future to open again. If you would like the keep in contact with us please like our Facebook page.

It's just a step towards hopefully greater things. We are working hard to make necessary changes in our organization which will be the most effective in serving Kyrgyzstan.

Khivinskya 17a, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 720000

36-57-44 or 0700-45-67-96

Spirit of Salam - Student Volunteer

A Note from the Directors

Spirit of Salam - University Student

About the Greenhouse Club

We welcome all University (and College) Students to come and participate in any of our projects. Registration is free. All the projects are free. Join us and make a difference in Kyrgyzstan.

The first questions we usually get asked are, "Why do you do this?", "Who funds this?" and "Are you religious?"

We are an independent, privately funded, non-profit organization. We are volunteers who moved to Bishkek in 1999, saw a need and have been working to meet that need ever since. The organization is funded by individuals who hear about what we do and believe it is worth investing in. We, as the directors, believe that the Bible is God's Truth written to us and that belief motivates us to do what we do, but Spirit of Salam is not religious. The students who participate in our projects are of all different religious backgrounds.

Seek peace and pursue it