Fall 2010

Clothing Distribution

The streets of Bazar Korgon - SoS Project

Bazar-Korgon is a small village about 20 minutes away from Jalalabad City. 80% of the population there is Uzbek and it was targeted during the June 2010 violence. Alexei along with another of our students, Jengishbek, served there every day. Alexei reported that it appeared that every 2nd or 3rd house in the whole town was burnt down. Therefore although the village is small, the percentage of destruction was great. Here Jengishbek and Alexei deliver clothes to families in need.

Giving clothing to the needy - Bazar Korgon SoS Project

Much of the distribution of the international aid has gone to the city of Osh, where the violence began. This is why we decided to rather spend our time and resources in Bazar-Korgon and Jalalabad. The people here feel as though they have been forgotten.

Knitting Supplies

Alexei teaches a woman with polio how to knit - Bazar Korgon SoS Project

We gave away yarn and knitting needles and taught the women to knit who didn’t yet know. Here is a woman with polio knitting while her daughter watches.

My Viewpoint

by Alexei Mitin

Former Greenhouse
 Staff - Alexei Mitin

Hello everyone. I want to share a little story with all of you, the story of the Hope for a better future, the Hope that survived a lot of trouble and hardships yet remained alive.

In the fall of 2010, we were able to bring along some clothes and knitting supplies for the needy families in Bazar Korgon (which is next to Jalalabad). One other student, Jengishbek, and I had the responsibility to give away the clothes. The heart of the project was to help the people who suffered the loss of family and homes during the events that took place there in the summer.

One day we ran into a small family that consisted of three generations of women - a grandmother, mother and daughter. They had to be cooped up in a shed because their house had been burnt and was being rebuilt. In this very shed I heard the story that just turned me over and taught me a very important lesson then, and that I now have the privilege to share.

We asked this thirty five year old, beautiful, happy-faced lady in a wheel chair if we could interview her. She kindly agreed and invited us over for tea.

Umida told us her story. After she got married and had a daughter she got very ill with Polio, which resulted in her not being able to walk any more. Because of this, her husband left her for another woman. She did not want to live anymore, tried to kill herself, but her mother brought her back to her senses and helped her realize that she had a daughter to live for. So Umida decided to do everything possible for her family’s wellbeing and her daughter’s success. She collected money, bought land, had rice planted every year to then sell it, started a small business - a cigarette stand that she was running herself. If I remember correctly, I think she even had a number of sheep.

Their life was good until they left to a neighboring country, scared away by the news that a big crowd of bandits was killing people and burning their houses. After some time, when all calmed down, they came back to the shed they now call home and started over. There was an important part of her that no bandit could take away from her – she was full of hope and had such big plans.

Hearing Umida’s story, seeing her attitude and looking into this little but very strong lady’s happy eyes made me strongly believe that they will have all that they had hoped for. Her daughter and all of us have a great example to follow. Never lose sight of your dreams and never lose hope! Only be careful what or who you are putting your hope in. Rather than putting it in people or things or even yourself, put it in God who will never disappoint you!

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