David Hewitt

Performance Officer

David is a self-described "launchpad" - he's the one always propelling others to reach their dreams. He encouraged the vision of the Greenhouse Club from its conception back in 1999 and has been an advocate for its work since that time. David has served as a volunteer across Central Asia, China, Taiwan, Britain and across his home country, the USA. He has been married to Mari since 1989. They have been living in Central Asia since 1997.

David - Performance Officer

Wendy Radford

Spiritual Guide

Wendy is from West Bengal, India. When she was 17 she had a confronting experience with God after which she decided to follow Christ. This encounter changed her life almost instantly and she dedicated herself to serve as a full time volunteer for over 27 years in various parts of the world. Her work and commitment to the cause of the gospel has opened up for her respect in various spheres of influence all across the globe. Wendy is married to David. They have two children. They currently live in Adelaide, Australia where she is presently working part-time as a Student Counselor at a high school, and also pastoring a church of those from a Chinese background. Wendy has completed a Masters degree in Leadership and Management and will be completing her Graduate Diploma in Education later this year.

Wendy -
 Spiritual Guide

Monica Miller

Financial Officer

Monica visited Kyrgyzstan in 2005 and since that time she has been a support and close friend of the Greenhouse. Her sweet smile makes every moment with her a joy as she has a natual gift for public relations. Monica graduated from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio with a Bachelors degree in English. She is also a graduate of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. She worked for the American Cancer Society Ohio Division for five years. Monica and her husband, Brandon, have two children, and one on the way! She currently is the Children's Ministry Director for her church.

Monica - Financial Officer

Meghan Dupree

Spiritual Guide

In 2001 when the Greenhouse first opened its doors to students, Meghan was there welcoming them with her fun-loving personality and smooth dance moves. She taught one of the first clubs and was the visionary of the dance parties which would be held weekly for years to come. Since that time she has continued to be a voice which helps to guide the Greenhouse into a bright future. Meghan lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an active volunteer in her community. She also introduced a sustrainable chicken project in Fiji. She studies philosophy at University of Pittsburgh.

Meghan - Spiritual

Melissa McDonald

Chairman of the Board

Behind the scenes in every organization there is a person who keeps it going in the right direction. At Spirit of Salam, Melissa is this person. She is always dreaming of what is possible and what can be done to make things better. She sees the beauty in Kyrgyzstan and believes that its greatest resource is its youth. Melissa loves to get very different people working together towards a common goal.

Melissa - Chairman
 of the Board

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