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Short Films about Student Life in Kyrgyzstan

New Documentary

Amazing SoS documents an 8 day project of student and foreign volunteers in the region of Talas. This is the first of six part which can be viewed on Youtube. Filmed by Askhat Akhmetov.

Produced by Pasha Bolshakov

Crossroads was filmed at the Kyrgyz National University. If you are a student with a short film idea and would like to partner with Greenhouse Productions, please contact us.

The Red Door was entered in the 168 Project Film Festival 2011 - "Second Chances." This was our first entry. Starring Alina Alieva, Rustam Jakypov, Nazira Orozbaeva and Altynai Dorombaeva - all students in Bishkek.

This promo was filmed and edited by Pasha Bolshakov. He is the owner and Creative Director of Kaleidoscope Studios in Bishkek. Pasha grew up in Alemedin 1, studied at college to be a mechanic, while in college he attended the Greenhouse and learned about photography. He taught himself videography and graphic design. You can see some of his work on billboards and signs throughout Bishkek. He is also the designer of our Spirit of Salam logo.

Pasha produced this video about our Isfana SoS Project. Pasha served as a volunteer in the Greenhouse from 2004 through 2011. He also teaches web design at the University of Management and Design.

Produced by Tony Webster

Tony was a volunteer at the Greenhouse in 2008-09. We were attempting to develop a music band of students but soon discovered that they had no rhythm. It was then that we changed the club from "Making the Band" to "Making the Parody" and this was what we ended up with. Tony is now living in Northern Ireland where he created BigBad Llama - a studio which has work featured in the Guardian, BBC Website and Elle UK magazine.

Produced by Jildiz Beksultanova

Jildiz graduated from Kyrgyz National University. She was always able to quickly learn the arts - from music to dance to photography. She was born with a God-given gift. She completed a School of Design in England before she filmed and edited these documentary films. She now lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan where she works for Samsung. (There are two parts to the Aizada Documentary.)

This was filmed in 2006. Since that time Jengish has become the national director of Teen Challenge Kyrgyzstan, a rehabilitation center. He continues to help the homeless by getting them into rehab and giving them the chance to start over.

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