Innovation and Strategy

Have you limited yourself to what you think you can handle?

What is the importance of the following?


The great countries are great because of innovation. They will only continue to be great if their people continue on the path of innovation.

Ideation – what is it worth?

Are you always capitalizing on someone else’s idea – just copying what you’ve seen before or are you being innovative? What are you ashamed of/afraid of in this process? Do you compliment yourself too much on where you are at so that you have stopped setting greater goals for yourself? Have you limited yourself to what you think you can handle?


We are only leaders insofar as we attract and keep followers. If we want our employees to adopt certain methods and they do not do so, then, plainly, they have not followed our lead. If we want our children to work towards certain results and they do not do so, then, again they have not followed our lead. There are only two ways that we can be leaders: we can encourage certain methods and we can encourage certain results. The degree to which we get what we’re after is the measure of our leadership.

On the other hand, a follower is a follower only insofar as he or she does what a leader requests. What is the motivation for a follower to do a good job? Paycheck and the satisfaction of doing a good job are not enough… we all want appreciation, and we want it from the person in charge.

Since leadership is getting people to achieve what the leader wants them to because the leader wants them to, and since achievement creates a desire for appreciation from the leader, then it follows that: The leader’s second job is appreciation.

Vision – without it, people perish (Prov 29:18).

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. Do you have vision (a dream) that you are pursuing? Or are you following someone else’s vision? If you are following someone else’s vision, why? Is it the vision you should be following? Anyone, on any team, needs to know what their role is, what they’re working toward and what constitutes success on a daily and visionary level.

Not only vision for what you want to do in life, but vision for who you want to be!

Many overwhelmed parents, teachers and leaders institute a bunch of rules and routines to help get through each day. Having rules without telling our followers what they mean in context of their future can leave them feeling frustrated and angry. Worse still, living a legalistic life can result in emptiness. Yes, your followers should obey you just because you "said so", but leading also involves inspiring them to do so.

Today's culture teaches us to live for the moment, to fulfill selfish desires and cravings, and says very little about who - not just what - they should become. No one is inspiring and encouraging us to be people whose lives are marked by strong moral character, goodness, truth and joy. We need to set the vision clearly before our followers - and you can't do that with just a set of rules. This will give your followers a sense of purpose.

Write a vision statement. This doesn't mean WHAT you want to be, rather, it's WHO you want to become. You are capable of greatness and this should create happiness and hope in your heart.

Being conscious of your vision at a young age will help you to understand the importance of making wise choices and of following their rules.

Brainstorming – what is this?

How often do you do this?

Who do you do it with?

Who encourages your ideas?

Brainstorming should be a playful, active process. It should be light and free-flowing, and you should all laugh a lot. When we are asked to participate in a brainstorming session, we are being asked to put aside all of those tasks that are forefront on our minds and focus on creative thought. The meeting’s purpose is not to plan or complete a task, but for thinking together as a team. What’s the quickest way for me to kill the creativity in the room and completely discourage an open, loose, creative exchange? Judge. Don’t shoot down others’ ideas, they’ll not contribute again.


Getting people to get past the natural human reaction of ‘I can’t paint like that, I can’t design like that, I can’t come up with ideas like that, I’m not going to talk anymore, I’m not going to engage anymore’ is difficult. But in order to reach any goal, the team has to feel not only included, but needed. It requires taking an inventory of what everyone’s strengths are and how to use those to achieve the goal.

What inspires you?

Do you allow yourself to be inspired?

Have you ever inspired anyone else?

What kills dreams/inspiration, why don’t you do it?

Innovation (Ideation)

How important is it to spend time thinking about the client/consumer?

Is the goal only to produce something that will make money? Or do we really want others to succeed and that you are a part of society that will do anything to get your sphere of influence to succeed?

Great Innovation can always see the larger picture clearly (has vision).

Are you a copycat?

Are you following the masses?

Goal Setting

Goals are reachable tasks that get you closer to your larger vision (dream). It’s what I can do right now. Practice writing 5 attainable goals that you can set for the next month. Check those and make sure they are specific... how are you going to do that? ? Do you compliment yourself too much on where you are at so that you have stopped setting greater goals for yourself? (Comparing yourself to others surrounding you will prevent you from being all that you can be.) Have you limited yourself to what you think you can handle? Show the Biggest Loser clip of the power of the mind. Stretch yourself.

Reflecting – do you avoid this?

Imperative to goal setting is following it up with reflecting. When I reflect I can see if I am on the right path or not. I can see if I am making good choices. I can see what my obstacles are. I can set more realistic goals. I can be encouraged by how far I’ve come. Many of you have personalities that only want to live in the present, in the moment. You feel that reflecting on the past in a negative thing to do. This feeling is a lie. You must train yourself to set goals and reflect because it will not come naturally to most of you. But it is the only way to lead successfully.

Innovation by gri3v3r

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