Orphans Initiative

with Jyldyz Ormonbekova

Perizod: When did you start to go to the orphanage?

Jyldyz: First I began it last year when Betty Adams invited me to the orphanage. I met her in December 2010. She invited us to her apartment, to have students go to the orphanage. And then I met her again last September here in the Greenhouse and she invited me. It was wonderful.

Perizod: When you went to the orphanage how did you feel? I mean your expression and your emotions when you first saw the children, how did you feel?

Jyldyz: Here in Bishkek in the orphanage when we went there, of course I was so surprised to see such cute children without a mother and father. They call me mother. It is so sad that they don't have parents. When we went to Talas - to Pokrovka - there are the disabled children. It was there that you see the children that are physically and mentally disabled and it's the worst thing. But here [in Bishkek] the children are healthy and people adopt them here. Some are lucky.

Perizod: Often what did you do in the orphanage with the children?

Jyldyz: I am leading students to the baby orphanage here in Bishkek. We go there to give our love, to spend time with them, to play with them and we teach them to draw... just go outside to the garden with them and just play and give our love because they have caregivers, two caregivers for 16 kids and they can't manage to play with everyone and give their time to every child. So we kiss them and we play with them.

Perizod: How often do you visit?

Jyldyz: We visit them once a week on Mondays.

Perizod: Can you tell us some exciting or unforgettable situation in the orphanage?

Jyldyz: They are cool children. There is a little boy, his name is Arman - and other girls and boys they are little, 2 or 3 years old - when I saw how they help eachother it was a surprising thing for me. They are little but they are smart. They help eachother. It's a wonderful situation that I see there.

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