Orphans SoS

Semyonovka Orphanage

Summer 2014

SoS Volunteers in Semyonovka - Orphans SoS Project

Really this was more comparable to a Foster Home. We lived with the children for several days. It was the first time we ever actually lived at an orphanage. The project was in partnership with high schoolers from Access Program in Kant, Kyrgyzstan. They prepared an all-day program full of lessons and activities for the children.

SoS Volunteers in Semyonovka - Orphans SoS Project

We cooked meals for the kids.

SoS Volunteers in Semyonovka - Orphans SoS Project

Each afternoon we went to the village park and did a variety of activities with the children from the community.

Belovodsk Orphanage

Winter 2013

SoS Volunteers in Belovodsk - Orphans SoS Project

A 17 year old Freshman organized this project! We are proud of his initiative to put such a great effort forward!

Clothes for Kids in Pokrovka

October 2012

SoS Volunteers in Pokrovka - Orphans SoS Project

We brought lots of clothes with us, preparing them for the winter.

Tokmok & Krasnaya Rechka

SoS Volunteers in Tokmok - Orphans SoS Project

Our volunteers spent a day visiting three orphanages just east of Bishkek. It was the final project of our summer!

Birthday Party at the Toddlers Orphanage in Belovodsk

August 17, 2012

Student volunteers threw a birthday party for the kids with birthdays this month. They gave gifts, danced and sang songs. This is one of Nurbek's performances.

And this performance is with Eddi, Almaz and Kasym.


Summer 2012

We sent a team of 14 volunteers to Pokrovka for eight days. They trained the orphanage caretakers and parents of disabled children in the region in Occupational and Physical Therapy. While the caretakers were receiving training, our volunteers did activities with the orphans.

Physical Therapist Ryan and Translator Jyldyz Ormanbekova- Orphans SoS Project

We invited Ryan Decker, from Michigan, USA, to teach Physical Therapy to the orphanage staff in Pokrovka. Jyldyz Ormanbekova, Bishkek Humanities University student volunteered as his translator.

Occupational Therapist Eunice trains on Platform Swing- Orphans SoS Project

Eunice Herman, an Occupational Therapist from Ohio, joined us to give training. We also puchased therapy equipment including the platform swing pictured above.

Aisuluu colors with the children- Orphans SoS Project

Aisuluu was a volunteer in the Activity Group. They did activities for six hours each day with the orphans including coloring, exercising, puzzles, dancing, painting and puppet shows.

Bermet and Alexei teach a Bible Lesson - Orphans SoS Project

Bermet and Alexei read the children stories from the Bible.

Artyom plays music for bedridden children - Orphans SoS Project

Artyom, a student at Slavic University, played music for the children.

Christmas Party at the Baby Orphanage

December 2011

Students prepared a Christmas/New Year's Program for the children at the Baby Orphanage in Bishkek. They also brought them each gifts.

Weekly Visits at Baby Orphanage

Merry-go-round at the Baby orphanage - Orphans SoS Project

Bermet and Alice take the kids outside to play.


Polynesian Dancing with the kids in Tokmok - Orphans SoS Project

Gulia leads the children in a Polynesian dance.

Krasnaya Rechka

Delivering gifts to the kids in Krasnaya Rechka - Orphans SoS Project

With the generosity of our donors we were able to buy gifts and supplies for the kids such as winter socks, soap, fruit and candy.


Teaching a child how to play the Komuz - Orphans SoS Project

Kanykei shares her talent of playing the Komuz with a boy in Belovodsk.


Drawing with kids in Pokrovka - Orphans SoS Project

Gulyanda was one of five girls who went on a four day trip to serve the children at the orphanage in Pokrovka. They prepared activities to do with the kids including drawing and dancing. They also prepared a dinner celebration of Plov.

Plov - Kyrgyz National Dish

Summer 2011

Svetly Put

Svetly Put kids at Panfilov Park - Orphans SoS Project

Nazira was the student leader of our Summer Orphans SoS Projects. It was her idea to take the kids to the park for rides and a picnic.


Costume Party in Belovodsk - Orphans SoS Project

Students joined up with foreign volunteers from India, New Zealand, USA and Sweden to have a costume party and deliver ice cream!

Krasnaya Rechka

Drawing with the kids in Krasnaya Rechka - Orphans SoS Project

Alicia spends a hot afternoon indoors with the kids in Krasnaya Rechka.

Winter 2011


Cotton Eye Joe Dance in Tokmok - Orphans SoS Project

Aiperi uses her love of dancing to bring joy to the kids in Tokmok.

Thanks to our donors who made it possible!

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