Jim McDonald


Many students have benefitted from Jim's advice and encouragement over the last ten years. He is able to make learning interesting and combines life lessons and critical thinking into each lesson. Jim cares deeply about the success of each student. He helps each student to dream bigger and gives them resources to help pursue those dreams. He is working to advocate for the SoS Projects, connecting foreign volunteers with local volunteers.

Jim - Director of Spirit of Salam

Melissa McDonald

Project Administrator - USA/Media Coordinator

Behind the scenes in every organization there is a person who keeps it going in the right direction. At Spirit of Salam, Melissa is this person. She is always dreaming of what is possible and what can be done to make things better. She sees the beauty in Kyrgyzstan and believes that its greatest resource is its youth. Melissa loves to get very different people working together towards a common goal. She is currently overseeing social networking and media productions.

Melissa - SoS
 Administrator USA

Ruslan Iangibaev

SoS Administrator Kyrgyzstan

Ruslan, pictured here on the right, has a strong desire to help the poor of Kyrgyzstan, especially in the villages. He has travelled extensively throughout the region and is looking forward to his new role as our Project Administrator. He is fluent in English, Russian and Kyrgyz and will be the connection point between the student volunteers and foreign volunteers. He is the one working behind the scenes of each project making sure all the details get worked out.

Ruslan - SoS
 Administrator Kyrgyzstan

Alexei Mitin

SoS Leader

Alexei is an example of hard work leading to success. He is from Kant and could've used the excuses that so many others live by. Yet he accepted the fact that if he wanted to be excellent at the English language, he would have to stay up late at night and study hard. There are no shortcuts - just hard work. Alexei is approachable and is always "helping out and trying to be useful." He loves serving in the Greenhouse because it is the place where friends can gather over a cup of coffee and become successful in reaching their goals. He hopes each student finds out what they're created for and are able to make good use of their gifts and talents.

Alexei - SoS Leader

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