Why You'll Love SoS

Our SoS projects give you the opportunity to creatively use the things you enjoy doing to make the world around you a better place. We don't have a magic formula for how each project should work because each one is unique due to the individual talent, or the "x-factor"*, of each volunteer. Being a volunteer with SoS will help you to identify and develop your "x-factor"*, helping you to discover who you were created to be.

* The "x factor" refers to the undefinable "something" that makes for star quality.

Read the stories of those who have volunteered with us to understand more.

Jyldyz - Student Volunteer

Jyldyz Ormonbekova

Jyldyz began volunteering at orphanages in October 2011. She is now the SoS Orphans Project Leader. Read More >

Jengish - Student Volunteer

Jengish Adigineev

When Jengish was a student (2002-2006) he began as a volunteer with the homeless. This experience changed the course of his life. Read More >

Seek peace and pursue it
Isfana Football - SoS Project

Salam is Peace. At the core of peace is respect.

Spirit of Salam - Student Volunteer

We believe that Salam can grow in Kyrgyzstan through its youth using their talents to benefit not only themselves but to benefit the community through volunteerism.