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Students have been participating in our SoS Projects since 2011 in Batken, Osh, Jalalabad, Talas and Chuy Oblasts. Those who have participated have been able to develop their skills, such as mastery of the English language, planning, leadership, teaching and developing children and many other spheres. Our volunteers get cross-cultural experience and learn how to problem solve real issues. Our commitment at Spirit of Salam is to develop your talents and give you the opportunity to use those talents while serving in the community. We will give you access to helpful resources while connecting you with great people. Register Now! >

Spirit of Salam - Student Volunteer
Projects - Empowering Students!
Bermet volunteers at an orphanage in Bishkek.
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Unlocking Your Potential

Our staff have been working for years finding online resources that can help students to think critically in preparation for their future. We are updating these resources as we go along. Learn More >


We believe that learning to give generously to others while you are young will produce a lifestyle of generosity. SoS helps you to identify and develop your talents and put them into action through serving in the community.
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Spirit of Salam - Student Volunteer

Greenhouse Productions

Watch our documentary mini-series! In July 2012, 14 volunteers went to the orphanage for children with disabilities in Pokrovka, Talas, Kyrgyzstan. They provided therapy training for the orphanage staff and activities for the children. There are six parts in the mini-series. Begin Watching Here!